Can any business take food orders online? YES – With Gr8eat!

Can any business take food orders online? YES – With Gr8eat!

How Gr8eat works with your existing website or social media
How to get your restaurant online without building an app

How does Gr8eat food & drink ordering platform work?

Gr8eat is a web-based platform that allows you to take orders for food or drink from any leisure outlet selling food or drink in the UK. 

Gr8eat can be linked to any social media or existing website regardless of the website capabilities. Each Gr8eat customer has a unique URL (web address for each location) that can be used to allow customers to log in & order without downloading an app. We normally use a QR code to help customers find this website address, and it can also so be typed in manually.

The GR8eat platform takes care of all processing, Customers are informed directly by the email address they use when their order is being processed and when they can expect their order to be delivered. Pricing and stock levels can be changed in real-time, promotions or incentives can also be run in real-time.

A list of ingredients and allergen advice or warnings can also be included with each dish Meaning customers can be made fully aware of the contents of their food prior to ordering. Any customers with a food allergy who have warned you in advance of when booking and could even order with a booking to ensure the kitchen is able to accommodate as specific needs on the day.

The Gr8eat platform is easy to use and intuitive, it allows staff to concentrate on delivering food, drinks & great customer service.

Future planned developments for Gr8eat

In the future we plan to be able to offer advance booking for tables for the inside or outside venues and also offer integrations with EPOS systems, these additional options will incur a small additional charge and we already working on these developments.

Gr8eat Order Food & Drinks Online connect to the platform with a QR code
You don’t have to use a QR code but it helps? 👍

Do I have to use a QR code?

No, it’s not necessary to use a QR code to take food orders with a Gr8eat. the QR code Central hours customers with smartphones to find your food ordering platform or quickly.

What’s the difference between using a web-based platform & an app?

By using a web-based platform your customer is able to order food and drink from you directly without having to download an app. By having a dedicated platform you don’t give your customers the opportunity to change her mind and maybe more to something else from a competitor!

All food ordering apps like Just Eat, Deliveroo & Ubereats rely on communication between the app and their back end infrastructure in effect an app is another form of web browser but you have to download from either the Google app store or the Apple Store. developing apps to be sold and used by consumers is expensive increases the cost as well.

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How much training is needed to use Gr8eat?

We have several different training options with your Gr8eat platform for your customers & staff

Training customers to use Gr8eat to order food & drinks

Training for customers is really simple we have a short video that explains how to use the platform. There is also a quick guide on our QR code point of sale templates.

The platform’s layout is intuitive and any customer who’s previously purchased online will be able to use the platform

Training staff to use Gr8eat

Staff training other than being able to demonstrate to customers how to use the platform is very simple. Online stock control means the customers will be able to see if a dish or drinks are available or not save your staff time and energy.

Training supervisors to use Gr8eat

 Teaching supervisors to use the Gr8eat platform only takes a little longer being able to understand the capabilities of offering discounts and stock levels in a live environment requires a little training, we estimate for the training session no more than half a day will be enough for almost all supervisors to be able to understand the system and operate it. We offer additional training and online sessions for all staff who need refresher training or updating.

Can customers without a smartphone place orders?

Customers need to have a smartphone in order to use the Gr8eat platform. customers without smartphones can be helped by members of staff using a tablet or a mobile device to allow customers to place their orders. Customer payment details are kept secure using the existing payment gateways, PCI Compliance is not necessary as customers will input data without the need for staff to be involved.

Future covid restrictions may require venues to keep more stringent details about the  visitors to the premises with ivy indoor or outdoor, by insisting customers use their smartphones,  then you will be able to keep an electronic record what their customers they can comply with future regulations

Customers use their smartphones to oder food & drinks in a restaurant using Gr8eat web platform
Any smartphone, tablet or laptop can be used to place orders on Gr8eat, no need for customers to download an app to their device

How much does Gr8eat cost?

Gr8eat only costs £150 per month your payments stay with the existing supplier. We do have an agreement with a payment supplier who can deliver a service that includes payment terminals at work anyway at the mobile phone does regardless of Wi-Fi coverage.

What about transaction charges?

What platforms can be integrated using their own software your card payment provider may change my change the amount they charge depending on how to use the service online.

 if you like to receive your payment processing would be happy to his partner.

What are the payment options available with the Gr8eat food ordering platform?

When you can choose how do I take payment from the customers. there is an option and my customers PayPal transaction or alternatively a venue can allow customers to pay cash on delivery similar to running a tab. options can be changed in real-time then you can change their payment structures as they require for different events or circumstances.

Customers can choose to create an account and reuse their details and can also share are the details of their round or food order with their friends using social media or messaging apps.

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Can I use Gr8eat to promote my business?

There are several options available within Gr8eat to help you market your business other than offering discounts & promotions

E-mail marketing

House of the great platform we have a combined email Marketing service full stop this service is free to use when sending up to 600 emails per day if you need to send more there is a small charge. 

Using email Marketing venues communicate directly with the existing customers and offer promotions and incentives for future events exclusive to their customers.

there are standard marketing templates available for all customers I have the great Eat website comma further training is available for more advanced users of email Marketing

SMS Marketing

Text messages to customers with time-limited special offers or promotions will help venues to be able to promote their business directly to their customers and stimulate sales at times when visitors may be fewer for example during the weekdays at lunchtimes.

To send SMS messages by the Gr8eat platform additional credits need to be purchased, this can be on a pay-as-you-go basis or on a monthly contract and can be terminated at any time.
Sending messages directly from Your own mobile phone is likely to be in breach of the wireless and communications act and also so general data protection regulations (GDPR) 😡

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Is Gr8eat just a website for my restaurant business?

Unlike a standard website, Gr8eat does not need to be found by search engines therefore the content of pages can be reduced, images are not necessary and Performance against competitors does not need to be measured.


Gr8eat has its own internal system for measuring customer performance regarding products purchased and the times of day when purchases are made. Most websites have to be designed to be found by Google. Your venue Gr8eat platform can be administered without needing to worry about how the information will be found on the internet.


Search engine optimisation does not have to be included when thinking about the contents you put on your Gr8eat platform. If you’re interested in SEO to help with the performance of your existing website our sister company Ræcan Marketing Solutions can provide you with a free audit and recommendations FREE SEO Audit just select a time & put it in your website, put Gr8eat in the notes!

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Why is Gr8eat some much cheaper than JustEat?

Gr8eat is much cheaper than Just Eat because the platform is web-based.

Gr8eat was set up to help businesses on the High Street in towns and villages throughout the United Kingdom to recover from the effects of the covid-19 pandemic. while other suppliers concentrate on taking fees from transaction charges monthly subscriptions Gr8eat is designed to be a fixed monthly cost for a great service, we also have a 12month contract.

We have a 12-month contract to allow us to continue to develop and to extend our platform to incorporate integrations with EPOS till systems and other infrastructure that will allow small to medium-sized businesses to compete with larger chains who have the resources available to develop their own internal apps and systems that exclude small to medium retailers from being able to reach the customer group that’s most important to them at this time.  whilst just eat Deliveroo and Ubereats concentrate on providing an easy way for people to order takeaway meals and not been developed the help bricks-and-mortar establishments reach customers and sell online, Gr8eat is also available for takeaways, pop-up restaurants, cafes, charities, museums & tourist attractions.

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Gr8eat just to be used outside of covid restrictions are in place?

No! Gr8eat can be used inside and outside and will allow independent businesses to compete with larger chains in the competitive leisure market in the future.

Whilst many businesses have been devastated by the covid-19 pandemic Gr8eat offers an affordable opportunity to complete in a digital marketplace that would not have been possible had the pandemic not forced businesses owners to become so creative and imaginative. 

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