Save nearly 50% on restaurant staff wages!
Help to reduce staff costs & increase efficiency

Save nearly 50% on restaurant staff wages!

Need away to reduce staff costs for only £150+VAT per month? (For the first 150 businesses) Taking orders online could be the solution you’re looking for!

Using an online ordering platform like Gr8eat could save you a significant amount of time & wages. Simply reducing the number of times staff have to visit a customers table!

No need for customers to download an app, quick & easy real-time ordering. Expedite orders in the same way as you would have done without the customer placing orders.

For customers without smartphones, just use a tablet & allow them to order directly.

Take orders inside as well as out doors!

A large number of pubs & restaurants have expanded the outdoor seating that they had available when pubs & restaurants reopened after the lockdown. This extended the amount of time it took staff to take orders & expedite them. Using Gr8eat to take orders means staff do not have to make two lengthy visits to customers tables. Taking orders inside as well will help to reduce the amount of time it takes customers to order.

How does Gr8eat work?

Gr8eat is a web-based platform, this means businesses don’t need any specialist skills to be able to work the platform. Gr8eat works on any device that is connected to the internet and does not require specialist equipment or skills See how Gr8eat works

Now you have reduced your costs, increase the number of visitors!

Gr8eat comes with an integrated e-mail & SMS marketing platform. When your customers place an order they will have to provide you with their contact details.

Simply create promotions that encourage your customers to return, either with exclusive offers or discounts.

You can also use this information to create digital marketing campaigns to reach more people like your existing customers!

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The furlough scheme for restaurants has ended. See the benefits of using online ordering for your bistro, cafe, pub or restaurant!